If you are shopping E Liquid, undoubtedly your looking for one that will give you a rich, full flavor vapor. But did you know if your E-Liquid is improperly prepared you end up with an e juice that is not only tasteless but may not have accurate levels of nicotine and could actually damage your electronic cigarette?

Some online vendors buy inexpensive, pre-flavored liquid in bulk and try to dilute it to the various nicotine strengths. The problem with this is the flavor of your e-liquid is also diluted during this process. The seller may save a few bucks but you end up paying the price.

E LiquidThe only way to prepare a true, quality e juice is to take the preparation process very seriously. First, you start with the purest pharmaceutical grade glycol/nicotine bases and 100% natural flavoring extracts and essential oils. These ingredients may cost a little more but the final product is well worth it.

Next, you use strict quality control during mixing and measuring the pure glycol/nicotine liquid. This step is critical to ensuring accurate and consistent levels of nicotine in your e liquid. You don’t want a liquid labeled 36mg of nicotine having only 10mg.

It is only after you have made the nicotine strength you need that you add your flavoring. This guarantees a full flavored, full strength e-liquid that will give you the amazing tasting vapor you love.

Using the finest glycol/nicotine base, all natural flavoring and precise production techniques is the only way to get a true premium quality e liquid.

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